Mchadi (cornbread)

Mchadi (cornbread)

Mchadi is a fried or baked Georgian cornbread. Mchadi comes from Western Georgia where it is eaten instead of bread. Now it’s popular throughout the country. It is easy to prepare and the taste is excellent.


  • 2 cup White cornmeal
  • 0.5 cup Water (room temperature)
  • Sunflower oil - for frying


  1. Put cornmeal in a bowl and add water little by little. Mix well and knead by hands to make a dough. You can add more cornmeal or water, the dough must not be very dry or wet. When the dough is ready, make small balls, roll them in your hands and flatten to make an oval-shaped buns.

  2. Heat the pan on a medium fire and add some sunflower oil. Fry Mchadi from both sides. Serve hot.